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>> Sunday, October 21, 2007

Editor's Note: We stand in solidarity with the Kenyan people at this time of crisis. The graphic above is a link to a website created to document election violence and provide information about the incidents.

More about Kenya's election troubles and Uganda's involvement

21 Years and Running, Writing Campaign

We invite you to join us in highlighting the crisis in northern Uganda and the hypocrisy of the Commonwealth in supporting Museveni and remaining silent about current human rights abuses in Uganda, by writing to your local and international media outlets, your government representatives and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Answering criticism regarding his dislike of term limits, Museveni stated:"You know countries like Britain don't have term limits. I don't know whether I should declare you undemocratic because you don't have term limits." Read More . . .

About This Blog

The X.U.G (Xpose Uganda's Genocide) Coalition was created to bring to light the truth about Yoweri Museveni's woefully undemocratic regime and the ongoing secret genocide in northern Uganda, with the aim of the restoration of human rights and peace.

The coalition's secondary goal is to ensure accountability for reconstruction and development funds slated for war-torn N. Uganda by the US and other donors.

A crisis of epic proportions, the genocide being carried out against the Acoli for the last two decades has produced devastating consequences.

For the sake of current and future generations in Uganda, the world must recognize and end the genocide in Uganda. All Ugandans have a right to basic human rights, including the right to health, protection and education.

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