Satellite Photos of Uganda's Death Camps

>> Tuesday, November 6, 2007

High-altitude photos of northern
Uganda's ca

The latitude and longitude coordinates are 3 25 24.09 N by 32 36 40.23 E. I got this by downloading Google Earth, telling it to go to Gulu then Kitgum, Uganda, and cruising around at 1.000 to 2.000 feet 'til I saw something. Most of the region is lower resolution and you can't see anything, but this camp shows clearly in this hi-res patch.

The crowding is quite evident. Each of the dots is a rondavel, presumably housing a family. Someone with patience can count dots and multiply by average family size to get population. My very rough estimate is on the order of 1000 huts for a population of maybe 4000, assuming four per hut? In the hut areas, the small white line (1/2 of 668 feet or 332 feet) seems to equate to about 13 huts. Squaring both figures gives an interior and exterior living area of 165 square feet per hut. Assuming the huts are maybe half of that size, that makes the hut about an 8x10 foot patch of ground. Put a family of four in there and each person gets a four foot by five foot patch of ground to stay out of the rain and sun.

All figures are quite preliminary just based on my eyeballing. Use of a ruler would be helpful.
(Contributed by: David Larom)


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