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>> Saturday, November 10, 2007


  1. Choose an area which is important to you that needs be highlighted and write on that.

  2. Keep letters and articles short. You will have a better chance of being published or for the piece of writing to reach its target.

  3. Please read the XUG Coalition statement on CHOGM and the information provided on this website.

  4. Time is of the essence. Seize the moment, do not wait!
(Pictured: a young girl carrying a sibling at Pabbo IDP camp. Source: Diocese of Northern Uganda, Willy Akena.)


Read this op-ed from a Ugandan Minister of Parliament on the State of Uganda Today

Commonwealth Countries

  1. Ask that Heads of Government or ministers who will be attending this meeting bring pressure to bear on the Government of Uganda to live up to its responsibilities as a member of the Commonwealth.

  2. Encourage them to take the time to visit the north and see for themselves how donor money has been misused and misappropriated because of the corruption of the Museveni regime.
Donor Countries (51% of Uganda's Budget--Britain,United States, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, The Netherlands )

  1. Ask that expenditure of your tax dollars be held accountable.

  2. Ask your government to hold Museveni responsible for his poor governance and embezzlement of funds meant for: children's vaccination programs, HIV patients, and the rehabilitation and reconstruction of war-ravaged Northern Uganda.

  3. Ask your government to support a peaceful resolution to the war between the Lord's Resistance Army and the Government of Uganda.


About This Blog

The X.U.G (Xpose Uganda's Genocide) Coalition was created to bring to light the truth about Yoweri Museveni's woefully undemocratic regime and the ongoing secret genocide in northern Uganda, with the aim of the restoration of human rights and peace.

The coalition's secondary goal is to ensure accountability for reconstruction and development funds slated for war-torn N. Uganda by the US and other donors.

A crisis of epic proportions, the genocide being carried out against the Acoli for the last two decades has produced devastating consequences.

For the sake of current and future generations in Uganda, the world must recognize and end the genocide in Uganda. All Ugandans have a right to basic human rights, including the right to health, protection and education.

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