Monitor: Kony Will Be Arrested, Says ICC

>> Friday, May 30, 2008

The ICC has renewed its attempts to capture LRA leader Joseph Kony.

A visit from an ICC official to Uganda brings fresh news of the court's intentions regarding the Uganda case:

"A warrant is an order of the chamber of the ICC. And this order has to be enforced, that is all," said Ms Arbia of what the ICC told the LRA delegation.

Will Ugandan troops bring Kony in alive?

Will Kony be eliminated in a firefight with LRA forces?

Is President Yoweri Museveni counting on a dead Kony, another war under his belt, en route to a 5th presidential term?

Will the international community pressure for the release of women and children in LRA captivity?

How can Kony peacefully surrender to the ICC? What mechanisms are in place for the arrest of Kony?

Will President Museveni also face the ICC's heat, as the Congo investigation gains momentum?

A UN Security Council document names several NRM officials, including Museveni's brother Major General Salim Saleh, Brigadier General James Kazini and other army officials, including Colonels Tikamanyire, Otafire and Mugenyi.

As this story unfolds the answers will reveal themselves. Until then one musn't forget the innocent captives and victims who will never experience any justice; as well as those who are in limbo, waiting to rebuild.

LRA Leader Joseph Kony Will Be Arrested, Says ICC

By Simon Kasyate The Monitor (Kampala)

The newly-appointed International Criminal Court registrar Ms Silvana Arbia has said the reclusive leader of the rebel LRA Joseph Kony will be arrested at all costs.

Ms Silvana Arbia, speaking on her first visit to Uganda last week said; "...the execution of this (Kony) warrant of arrest is expected."

This is the latest high profile pronouncement on the status of the indictments against Kony and some of his commanders by the ICC.

Speaking to Daily Monitor at the ICC field office in Kololo, a Kampala suburb last week, Ms Silvana Arbia said the 'warrants of arrest were served to the concerned states for their enforcement' an obligation they must fulfill. She described her firm stance as "the very simple and unique position taken by the ICC."

The ICC made the same position to an LRA delegation that visited its headquarters in The Hague in May 2008.

"A warrant is an order of the chamber of the ICC. And this order has to be enforced, that is all," said Ms Arbia of what the ICC told the LRA delegation.

Asked if the ICC would reconsider its position if the government of Uganda gave it assurance of an alternative judicial system that would not allow for impunity of the LRA leaders, the registrar replied in the negative.

Ms Arbia also refused to take any blame from the argument that LRA's reluctance to sign the final pact of a comprehensive peace agreement last April was because of the pending ICC warrants of arrest.


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