Aiding and Abetting Genocide: Distorting History of IDPs

>> Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Camps Have Caused More Deaths Than the LRA

In a stunning pronouncement this week, a visiting diplomat has hailed the IDP policy created by government officials.

In reality, an extreme lack of water, sanitation and health care has cultivated disease epidemics, caused thousands of preventable deaths and produced thousands of highly malnourished children unable to enjoy their right to protection, health and education.

Conditions in these camps have caused the most deaths in the long-running civil war been the Ugandan Government and the Lord's Resistance Army.

Picture: Living Water International: a camp borehole in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Camp dwellers often must wait hours for water, and are often at risk of drinking contaminated water.

Diplomat Praises IDP Policy – Sunday, 6th July, 2008

By Francis Emorut

THE commissioner for refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Africa, Mukirya Nyanduga, has commended the Government for adopting a national policy on the displaced.

“I commend Uganda for adopting the national policy which contributed to the implementation of the Peace Recovery Development Plan.”

Nyanduga was making a presentation on gender and IDPs during a meeting for leaders from seven districts of northern Uganda at Acholi Inn in Gulu on Thursday. The meeting preceded the official opening of the FIDA regional offices in Gulu.

He recognised the role civil society organisations play in the promotion of human rights among refugees and IDPs in Africa.

“Civil society organisations have continued to be a source of inspiration and strength to the African Commission.”

Nyanduga said civil society organisations had earned the status of observers in the Africa Commission because of their critical role.

He criticised governments that deny refugees asylum, arguing that it was a violation of their human rights and dignity.

He cited Kenya, which recently closed its borders against the Somalis.

The refugees state minister, Musa Ecweru, said the challenge of resettling IDPs was enormous.

He appealed to FIDA to strengthen the Government’s capacity to dispense justice, law and order.


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